The Twitch numbers for Apex Legends weren’t looking too hot in the month of March, and they are about to get worse it seems.

Shroud, who is one of the biggest Apex Legends streamers on Twitch, (And one of the streamers that EA paid to promote and stream the game at launch) will be taking a break from streaming after having a second surgery done on his arm.

A couple of weeks ago, Shroud was in a scooter accident that severely injured his arm. According to his friend and fellow streamer J9, Shroud flew 10-12 feet over the handlebars of his scooter and instinctively, protected his right arm as it is his shooting arm. His left arm took the brunt of the impact, and Shroud ended up with a hole in his elbow, a torn ligament, and a piece of bone missing from his elbow.

Shroud quickly went into surgery, however, a second surgery was needed. Shroud is okay but stated that his arm hurts a lot and that he would not be streaming for a while. Playing Apex Legends with one arm in a cast is pretty nigh impossible to manage, and it is probably best for his recovery period if he just takes it easy.

We all hope that Shroud makes a swift and safe recovery, but his break from streaming also means bad news for Respawn Entertainment.

Shroud is a very popular streamer, and also one of, if not the biggest streamer for Apex Legends. After the hype of the initial release of Apex Legends died down, the Twitch numbers took significant hits across the board.

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Apex Legends has seen some improvement, since it has gone from rank 7 in terms of most watched games on Twitch, to currently rank 4. However, it’s very far behind competitor Fortnite, and its most prolific streamer being temporarily sidelined, is not going to help them close the gap.

Once again, we hope Shroud makes a swift and safe recovery!