Not even an accident that could have been fatal is keeping Shroud from competing.

Back in early March, streamer Shroud got into a nasty accident involving a scooter. He flew 10-12 feet over the handlebars and onto the pavement of the street. He managed to save his main gaming arm from harm, but the fall put a hole into his other arm and removed a piece of bone from his elbow. Among other things, but I’m sure that’s enough in the way of details.

Shroud has since gotten two surgeries on his elbow, and after the second one, he made the announcement that he would be taking a break from streaming. The pain he is feeling in his arm is significant, and it’s kind of hard to play Apex Legends with one arm in a cast.

Or not, since a couple of days later, he revealed that he would be competing in the Twitch Rivals challenge. Most gamers wouldn’t even play casual matches of Apex Legends when one of their arms in pain and in a cast. Shroud not only does that but competes in cash prize tournaments. That’s Shroud for you.

Given his situation, you would think him competing would be a complete disaster, but this is Shroud after all. If you need any proof of how good he is at this game (Although this should be common knowledge by now), here is a clip on him casually winning a match with a broken elbow.

Shroud summarized in 6 seconds. from r/apexlegends

Shroud and co. Would not go on to win the challenge, but it was a testament to how great a player Shroud is, to be able to do so well with a handicap that would sideline most players. Now maybe take it easy so you can get well faster