The fanbase has been waiting for the L-Star SMG to be added to King’s Canyon ever since it was leaked. While it still hasn’t been officially introduced, we have another leak of the weapon, giving us an even better look at the L-Star.

Following the 1.1 Patch on April 3rd, a huge issue popped up: players were losing all progress on their accounts. People were reasonably freaking out. Respawn was quick to respond and fixed the issue the same day, even sending Twitch Prime packs to some affected users. A few of those players found Rare and Legendary skins for the L-Star in their packs. Twitter user RealApexLeaks showed us images they received from these lucky players:

No doubt these skins weren’t meant to be in the packs. The L-Star isn’t even in the game yet. RealApexLeaks speculates that the developers probably shut down the game’s servers to fix the account reset issues and to remove these skins from the live game.

The two new skins are both Legendary, named Alien Invasion and Apex Hyperdrive. Alien Invasion has a purple and green aesthetic fit for extraterrestrial. The Apex Hyperdrive features a bold red color with black and white accents. Both are highly creative and definitely deserve to be Legendary skins.

Another skin for the L-Star was also leaked by reddit user ElectroShreddie. The Outback skin is a Rare skin with a beige striped scheme, looking vaguely military inspired.

Apex Legends L-star -Outback - Skin Leak

Respawn told players not to buy or craft anything while the reset accounts were fixed, but a few players risked it anyway and found these new skins. None of the players who received these will be keeping them, but the community now knows about them and are hyped to see the cool skins coming out for the L-Star.

The account issues from the 1.1 patch have been fixed, so Legends can get back to battling on King’s Canyon. Whatever your preferred, safe to say these are some of the best weapon skins yet seen for Apex Legends. It’s nice to have some more info on L-Star and hopefully it releases soon.