The Battle Pass has been released. With it we saw the first big updates to Apex Legends and our first new Legend, Octane.

A lot of information was leaked about the Battle Pass before it released. Now we might have leaks on future content in the Battle Pass and that includes new Legends. The following was found on the Hungarian Playstation website:

Apex Legends New Character PlayStation Leak

A basic translation is as follows:

Apex Legends PlayStation Leak Spanish Translation

The most noticeable part of the text is the mention of two new Legends being introduced during the season. We already have Octane. So it looks like we’re due for another Legend in the next month or two. So who might the next character be?

The prevailing assumption is Wattson, one of the characters mentioned in the list of leaked Legends. We’ve seen Wattson’s name on the Havoc Bangalore wields, already giving her a presence in King’s Canyon, albeit a small one.

On top of that, the newspaper in the game’s intro cutscene mentions that the daughter of the lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games, Natalie Paquette, will compete in them. There was also datamined concept art for the game. Nobody fits the electric aesthetic more than Wattson:

Leaked Wattson Character Icon, Abilities, Tesla Trap
Leaked Octane Character & Ability Icons

What kind of Legend will Wattson be? Well, given her name, one could probably expect electricity to play a role in her kit. This is partially supported by a leaked image of names and abilities datamined last month. We see Wattson with a Tesla Trap tag, meaning she does have electricity based skills. She might play somewhat similar to Caustic and his traps. If so, she might be a tactics heavy character whose strength is luring enemies into traps. It’ll be exciting to see new info come out about her further into the season.

On top of another Legend, the leaked Playstation page also suggested new weapons could be coming. There was a leaked image floating around of Wraith holding the L-STAR from Titanfall 2. From what we know about Respawn Entertainment and the fact that Apex and Titanfall share the same world, I think the L-STAR is probably coming out during this season of the Battle Pass.

Given the complaints about the underwhelming content of the Battle Pass, it looks like we’ll see more things coming further in the season. That’s a good thing. If that release schedule keeps up (assuming Wattson does come in Season 1), we might see the Legends roster double to 16 by the game’s first anniversary. More quality content is what keeps things interesting and keeps players coming back. In a battle royale, fresh changes are imperative. It’ll be exciting to see the updates developers have in store as the season progresses. Fingers crossed it’s substantial.