New Pathfinder Omega Point Skin

It seems that Respawn Studios just keeps on giving with its latest loot pack announcement. In this latest collaboration, Twitch Prime customers are blessed with an opportunity to get their hands on some sweet loot, which includes the Omega Point skin for Pathfinder.

If you who don’t have a paid subscription but have an Amazon Prime account instead, all you have to do is to sign up and you will be able to get the items as Twitch Prime membership is included in the Amazon Prime and Prime Video memberships.

Apex Legends Twitch Prime Loot Pack Items

Here’s what the loot pack contains:

  • 5 x loot crates that give you a chance at some random cosmetic items
  • 1 x The exclusive Omega Point Skin for Pathfinder

The Loot Pack can be claimed here.

If there was ever a good reason to start paying for Twitch this would probably be it!