Apex Legends launched with a small but exciting roster of eight characters, each of them unique in design in abilities. It’s been a lot of fun playing on the island with the current roster, but fans are excited for the next heroes to come. The next two heroes have already been teased by developers at Respawn.

Data miners have managed to uncover the names of the next eleven legends. When they will be added is unknown, nor is their release order.

Leaked Apex Legends Character List
List of Legends, Including the 11 Leaked

The list of leaked names is as follows: Blackout, Husaria, Crypto, Jericho, Rosie, Octane, Prophet, Rampart, Nomad, Skunner, and Wattson. Three of these characters—Octane, Prophet, and Wattson—have already been discovered, leaving eight of these names as new mysteries.

We know nothing on most of these new heroes, from their appearance to their abilities, but just their names does allow for broad speculation on what we might see upon their release.

Leaked Apex Legends Characters Datamined Code
Shrugtal’s Datamined Info

We do actually have more information on some legends. Twitter user @Shrugtal managed to datamine info on two of these heroes, Octane and Wattson.

We can tell a lot about their abilities from this info. Octane has a stimpack ability, likely for self-healing and/or healing teammates. Wattson has a Tesla Trap, which could cause area-of-effect damage. Given Respawn Entertainment have so many assets from their development of the Titanfall games, the Tesla Trap may resemble the electricity clouds from Titanfall 2.

Here is a list of possible ideas for each of the new heroes we’ll see added sometime in the future:

  • Blackout: I would anticipate Blackout to deny enemy abilities or prevent ultimates for short durations.
  • Crypto: A hacker type character. They might stop enemy abilities or have an invisibility type skill to get close to opponents. I get a strong vibe of Sombra from Overwatch for Crypto.
  • Husaria: Hussars were Polish cavalry soldiers in the 16th-17th centuries. No idea on their abilities, but we might get another distinctive accent. Possibly a defensive legend with a heavy hit, since the Hussars were known for being heavily armored shock cavalry.
  • Jericho: May be a defensive character like Bangalore and might have similar abilities. Bangalore and Jericho are both types of missiles. Might also be a reference to the historical Wall of Jericho.
  • Nomad: With a name like Nomad, we should expect a hero who’s constantly moving.
  • Octane: Given the datamine of his skills, he will likely focus around healing and boosting teammates. Those boosts might include speed or damage boosts.
  • Prophet: Not sure. A really broad name leaves a lot of possibilities.
  • Rampart: They might be able to create cover to shield the team from fire when crossing long distances of open ground.
  • Rosie: No idea, but she’ll be riveting (get the pun?).
  • Skunner: The word skunner is Scottish and means “a strong aversion or dislike.” So it’ll be a Scottish person with a very distinct accent and perhaps abilities that keep the enemy at a distance.
  • Wattson: Given the datamine of his skills, he is probably a robot with a focus on electrical based offense, like his Tesla Trap.

There’s no way we can guarantee what abilities each of these new legends will have. But given Respawn’s penchant for allusions in names, we can definitely take a guess. For example, Mirage creates mirages of himself, Wraith disappears akin to a wraith, and Caustic creates caustic gas.

So for at least some of the new characters, their names are hints to what their kit will include. Until the developers reveal more information, fans will continue to make predictions.

It’s exciting that they have so many new legends already in development. Until they’re ready for release, all we can do is wait excitedly.