The right gun can make or break a fight against another squad. Shotguns are best at close range and the Peacekeeper is one of the best shotguns in Apex Legends. Thanks to the recent discovery of an exploit, it’s gotten even better. Done right, you can double pump the Peacekeeper, letting you fire more often and getting more DPS. The best part is, the process isn’t hard at all.

What is Double Pumping?

Double pumping refers to the ability to rapidly fire pump-action shotguns without the usual animation delay between shots. This gives higher DPS, fire rate, and damage comparable (or better than) automatic shotguns. As such, this usually causes weapons that can double pump to be overpowered.

In a lot of shooters, double pumping usually uses two pump action shotguns and a quick swap between them to cancel the pump animation. Apex Legends needs only one Peacekeeper. The recently discovered exploit shrinks the animation time between shots to increase the fire rate substantially.

How to Double Pump

Youtuber Skeltano is known for finding Apex Legends exploits and recently uploaded a video showing an easy way to double pump the Peacekeeper. The steps are simple:

  • Know what buttons you use for your Ultimate, Ping, and melee attack.
  • With the Peacekeeper equipped, fire a shot and immediately press the three aforementioned buttons.
  • Fire again, pressing the same three buttons every time. Keep doing this and you’ll have a quicker fire rate with much higher damage output.

What About the Old Method?

There was already a method to double pump in the game, but that method was harder to perform reliably. It was more reliant on timing, meaning if you were off time, you wouldn’t double pump.

This method is much more reliable to perform continuously, giving you an edge in firefights across King’s Canyon.