Apex Legends was released and had instant success, managing to hook 50 million players into the Apex Games on King’s Canyon within its first month. We’ve now seen the release of the Season 1 Battle Pass and our first new Legend. The community can’t get enough info on what’s to come, which is why we’ve seen so much excitement about leaks and datamined information. And there’s been a lot of interesting things coming out.

Leaks and rumors aren’t always accurate, but we’ve seen a lot of things come to fruition. Since Octane’s release, fans have hopped onto the hype of who the next possible Legend might be. There’s been a datamined list of new Legends out for a while. Wattson is the best guess for the next character added to the roster. There’s a good bit of info that’s been found on her already.

Who is Wattson?

At this early stage, there isn’t much fleshed out in Wattson’s backstory. We do have her appearance:

Apex Legends Wattson Character Icon Appearance
Wattson Character Icon

She does have a presence in King’s Canyon already, most noticeably her name on the Havoc Bangalore wields. Given the lightning bolt on her costume design, we can also link her to the newspaper in the game’s intro cutscene. We see mention of the daughter of the lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games, Natalie Paquette. Natalie, a.k.a. Wattson, will be competing in the Apex Games.

What are Her Abilities?

Wattson’s Datamined Ability Icons

Given Wattson’s name and design, we know her abilities will be electrical themed. Another leaked list of names and abilities shows Wattson with a Tesla Trap ability.

Leaked Apex Legends Wattson Abilities Game Code

This will undoubtedly be a trap, though it will be interesting to see if it restricts movement in addition to causing area of effect damage similar to Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps. Either would be fine, but keeping enemies within a confined area for a short time would be a new dynamic we’ve yet to see in Apex Legends.

Other rumors have suggested a Tesla Coil ability to compliment the Tesla Trap. Given how unique an addition Octane and his abilities were, we can only hope the developers at Respawn continue that trend of fresh kits with Wattson’s.

When Will Wattson Be Released?

Apex Legends PlayStation Leak Spanish Translation

There’s no definite date for Wattson’s release. A recent splash page leaked on a PS4 site suggests we’ll be seeing two Legends in Season 1. Given Season 2 is coming in June, we can expect Wattson to be released in May or June.

Given that new weapons were also mentioned in the splash page, we could see new weapons in April and Wattson in May. Nothing is set in stone with leaked content, so we might have to wait until Season 2.

Hopefully we see two Legends a season though. Apex Legends definitely needs a steady stream of updates to keep interest at a peak. New Legends (in an exciting but small roster) is just the right thing to keep players coming back.