Apex Legends Weapon Rebalancing Update

Apex Legends Just Got a Preseason Balance Update

Well, it’s finally happened. Apex Legends has had its first big update ahead of the release of Season 1 of the Battle Pass on...
Twitch Prime Time Win Code Red Apex Legends Tournament

Dizzy, KingRichard, and Mendokusaii Earn the Three-Peat at CodeRedLive!

It would appear that Twitch Prime Time cannot be stopped, as they have just won the Apex Legends CodeRedLive tournament for the third consecutive...
Apex Legends New Maps Angel City

New Maps Are Going To Reinvigorate Apex Legends

Every match in Apex Legends is a unique experience. The sprawling island Legends descend onto offers multiple different locations for contentious battles as the...
eSports Team Starting Apex Legends Teams

More Esports Organizations Getting Serious About Apex Legends

With the bustling Esports scene getting bigger and bigger every year, Esports organizations are looking to get a foot into every potent competitive game...
Ninja Was Paid 1 Million To Stream - Apex Legends

Streamer Ninja Was Paid $1 Million Dollars To Stream Apex Legends

Ninja may be the face of Fortnite, but that doesn’t mean he’s against promoting the competition! Richard Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, is arguably...
DrDisrespect Opens Epic Apex Legends Heirloom Pack

DrDisrespect Gets His First Apex Legend Heirloom Pack On Stream

As fun opening up a loot box and getting something good feels, joy is likely not going to be the feeling you experience most...
How To Improve Apex Legends Training Mode

How To Improve Apex Legends Training Mode

Tutorials are a common gameplay element, an introduction to controls and mechanics of a game for new players. They can be very useful in...
New Apex Legends Weapon Havoc Rifle

First New Apex Legends Weapon Released | Havoc Energy Rifle

Good things seem to come quickly in the Apex Legends universe as the previously rumored Havoc rifle has just made its way into the...
How To Double Pump Using Peacekeeper In Apex Legends

How to Double Pump in Apex Legends With New Peacekeeper Exploit

The right gun can make or break a fight against another squad. Shotguns are best at close range and the Peacekeeper is one of...
Respawn Developers Reply To Players Unhappy With Season 1 Battle Pass

Respawn Entertainment Responds to Battle Pass Complaints & Promises it Will Get Better

Respawn Entertainment has seen the complaints, and they’re asking that you don’t count Apex Legends out just yet. The Wild Frontier, Season 1 of Apex...

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