The various firearms in Apex Legends are littered throughout the map, found in buildings, compounds, and containers. Choosing the right weapon for your character and your playstyle is often the difference between a triumphant victory and a quick defeat.

With so many unique weapons to choose from, knowing which to choose can be difficult. Picking up a sniper for a close range character, for example, definitely isn’t smart. Here is a guide for every weapon in Apex Legends. This is an overall guide to weapons in general, but each weapon has their own specific article for specific stats, details, and strategies so you’ll know exactly what weapon to use and when.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weapons and mechanics aren’t exactly the same as other battle royales like Fortnite and PUBG. Here are a few questions that get asked a lot:

Is there bullet drop?

Answer: Yes

Bullets do drop eventually. Just fire into the distance and see them drop. Bullet speed and the amount of drop vary between guns.

Is there aim drift?

Answer: Yes

When looking down your sights, you’ll notice your aim sway around a little, making long distance shots more difficult as well as long aimed shots. You have a short time when first aiming down the sights before aim sway occurs, so aim and shoot as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Stock attachments help minimize aim drift, so find them and attach to your weapons when you can.

Are there any hitscan weapons?

Answer: Yes, only one

For the most part, hitscan isn’t a thing in Apex Legends. Every bullet travels from the barrel to its target. That means taking things like distance and ammo travel time into account when firing. The only hitscan weapon is the Havoc assault rifle. Equipped with the Selectfire Receiver, the laser blast is hitscan.

Does your equipped weapon affect movement?

Answer: Yes

Your speed is reduced by the same amount when carrying a gun, regardless of which it is. While aiming, each weapon slows you down by a different amount. The penalty is more notable on some weapons than others.

Do you slow down when taking damage?

Answer: Yes

Every time you’re hit by a firearm, you’re slowed down for a short time. Taking multiple hits at once will extend the slowdown duration. As such, staying moving during firefights and using cover when able are helpful tips to remember. The slowdown happens with every type of ammo, not just Heavy Rounds.

Weapon Stats

Here are base stats for each weapon. Every weapon has its own article for more details.

WeaponTypeDescriptionAmmoMag. SizeDam. BodyDam. Head
Havoc RifleAssault RifleWind-up Energy assault rifle Energy251836
Hemlok Burst ARAssault Rifle3-round burst assault rifle Heavy181836
R-301 CarbineAssault RifleFull-auto and high accuracy Light181428
VK-47 FlatlineAssault RifleFull-auto with a punch Heavy201632
Devotion LMGLMGFull-auto Energy LMG Energy441734
M600 SpitfireLMGFull-auto LMGHeavy352040
P2020PistolSemi-auto pistolLight101218
RE-45 AutoPistolFull-auto pistol Light151116
WingmanPistolHigh-powered revolver Heavy64590
EVA-8 AutoShotgunFull-auto shotgun Shotgun87/6310/90
Mastiff ShotgunShotgunPowerful semi-auto shotgun Special Shotgun418/14436/288
MozambiqueShotgunTriple-barrel shotgun pistolShotgun315/4522/66
PeacekeeperShotgunLever-action shotgun Shotgun610/11015/165
Alternator SMGSMGTwin barrel full-auto SMG Light161319
Prowler Burst PDWSMG5-round burst SMGHeavy2014/7021/105
R-99SMGRapid-fire automatic SMGLight181218
G7 ScoutSniperSemi-auto light sniperLight103060
Kraber .50-cal SRSniperPowerful bolt-action sniperSpecial Heavy4125250
Longbow DMRSniperSemi-auto sniperHeavy555110
Triple TakeSniperTriple-barrel sniper Energy523/6946/138

Which Weapons are Best in Their Class?

Apex Legends Wraith Looking Down Sight

This is highly subjective, but some weapons are favored over others. The overall best weapons for each class are the following:

Assault Rifle

Though it has the lowest damage in its class, the R-301 Carbine’s smooth, easy recoil makes up for it. High damage doesn’t matter if you miss every other shot. Scope attachments can give it great range while still making it an effective close up weapon.


Definitely the M600 Spitfire. Its spray becomes easier to control after several shots. It has higher damage than the Devotion and uses the more accessible Heavy ammo instead of Energy. You can take out an enemy with a single mag. The Devotion does have increasing DPS when shot continuously, but the ammo management is tough, so definitely opt for the Spitfire.


The Wingman is a powerful revolver, doing 45 damage with body shots and 90 damage head shots. It doesn’t need any attachments for high damage, saving you from going on a scavenger hunt between fights. It also has great sustained accuracy when firing multiple rounds and isn’t bad with hip fire either.


The EVA-8 is a safer choice for a shotgun, though the Peacekeeper has 30% higher damage per shot. The EVA-8 has a more reliable spread pattern, meaning shots hit easier than with the Peacekeeper. If you can a Precision Choke attachment for your Peacekeeper, though, the tighter spread makes it a deadly powerhouse. You can’t go wrong with either of these weapons.


The R-99 is extremely effective at burst damage, firing an entire magazine in one second. It does have lower damage per shot, but the fast fire rate and high magazine capacity make up for it. Once you get used to the recoil, you’ll have a formidable weapon in your hands.


The Longbow DMR is the best overall sniper. It has a slower fire rate than the G7 Scout, but the extra damage rewards good aiming. It also uses Heavy ammo, which is much easier to find than Energy ammo, making it a better pick than the Triple Take.

A note on Legendary weapons: While Legendary weapons are in a higher class than the regular weapons, they all come only in supply drops and require special ammo to use. Definitely pick up a Mastiff Shotgun or Kraber .50-cal Sniper if you can, but don’t plan on getting these on a regular basis. Just enjoy them when you do get your hands on one.

General Weapon Tips

Apex Legends Weapon Tips

Here are a few general tips for each weapon class.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are good at any range, from close to far. Sustained fire lowers accuracy, so be prepared for the recoil. Aim for the head with your first shot, as that’s when the weapon will be most accurate. Up close, longer bursts aimed at the body are best. At longer ranges, fire shorter bursts to mitigate recoil and accuracy decrease.


Effective at short to medium range, LMGs can be used for single shots or longer sustained fire. If you do fire long bursts, note the accuracy will decrease. Burst fire is best at close range. At medium to longer range, use short bursts or perhaps a different weapon. If you’re near targets, don’t stop to reload until they’re down or gone. Switch to your second weapon if you run low on LMG ammo while under fire.


Pistols are best at close or medium range. Aim for the head for max damage and opt for other weapons for longer range. Do your best to conserve ammo and fire one round at a time. If you’re up against a moving target, aim ahead of the enemy, not where they are currently.


With higher recoil and no distance accuracy, shotguns are best at close range. You may only get a single shot, so make them count. A missed shot usually gives your enemy time to return fire. Headshots can be devastating, but are harder to hit. Aim for the chest. If they decide to run, swap to a weapon better at medium to long range.


Although they don’t hit as hard as assault rifles, SMGs are great in close quarters and even medium range. They’re especially powerful within buildings and confined spaces. Longer bursts are good at close range. When low on ammo and near enemies, don’t stop to reload. Swap to your other weapon if need be and only reload once targets are downed or gone.


Snipers are built for long range combat. Headshots are definitely the better choice, but body shots work as well. Patience is a virtue when sniping; fire from a safe vantage point. Zoom is great at locating enemies more precisely. When aiming at moving targets, aim ahead of their path, not where they currently are.

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Weapon Attachments

Apex Legends Weapons Attachments

Attachments are pickups that you equip to your weapons. They all provide weapon bonuses, including extra damage, increased ammo capacity, and recoil reduction. Most attachments have a level (usually 1-3) that provide stronger buffs the higher the level is. Level 1 is white rarity, Level 2 is blue rarity, Level 3 is purple rarity, and Level 4 are gold rarity.

Five main categories of Hop-Up attachments

  • Stock Attachments: Improve weapon handling speed. They also decrease the idle sway when aiming a weapon (ex. Sniper Stock, Standard Stock).
  • Magazine Attachments: Increase ammo capacity in magazines (ex. Extended Light Mag, Extended Heavy Mag).
  • Barrel Attachments: Decrease recoil when firing guns (ex. Barrel Stabilizer).
  • Optic Attachments: Increase accuracy and zoom when aiming down sights. They give different levels of magnification and some offer variable zoom (ex. 1x Hcog Classic, 4x-8x Variable Sniper).
  • Hop-up Attachments: Rarer attachments that have huge effects on the equipped weapon. You can only equip one Hop-up per weapon (ex. Skullpiercer Rifling, Precision Choke).