“Whoa…what a rush!

Every character in Apex Legends has their own unique playstyle and moveset. How you combine your abilities with your squad members can make or break the match. Apex Legends is more team focused than other battle royale games, adding strategy similar to other team based shooters like Overwatch.

Heir to a large pharmaceutical company, Octavio Silva chased ever higher death defying stunts until launching himself via a grenade went bad. With the help of fellow Legend Lifeline, Octane now chases adrenaline rushes in the Apex Games.

Here’s a guide to teach you how to utilize Octane’s abilities as he runs circles around his opponents.

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General Overview

Octane is built around speed. His quickness makes him great on the frontlines, running in to devastate opponents before running out of the fray. His speed comes at the cost of his health, making him more vulnerable than other frontline fighters like Gibraltar. To make up for his lower survivability, he’s effective at targeting other low survivability Legends like Lifeline and to take the last shots on weakened enemies.

Drop in close and hit hard with powerful weapons like the R-99 SMG or EVA-8 shotgun. Octane can go in before your squad to distract the enemy while his teammates fire from cover. He can also come in after the squad has weakened foes, cleaning up with a few shotgun bursts.

Take advantage of his speed against single targets, but don’t hesitate to backup when you need to. Stim and Launch Pad are good at getting you into a fight and getting you out too. Octane will heal up even without restorative items, so use that speed boost when you need it.


Apex Legends Octane Passive Tactical Ultimate Ability

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

Automatically restores health over time. 

To make up for his speed boost costing you health, Swift Mend regenerates health over time when you aren’t getting shot. It’s only 1 point every 2 seconds, but that’s helpful at keeping you topped off, not wasting healing items if you get caught outside the ring, or giving a small cushion during a retreat. Don’t rely on his passive over a Med Kit or a Shield Cell, but keep it in mind when planning out your strategy. It does give you flexibility in how you deal with enemies.

Tactical Ability: Stim

Move 30% faster for six seconds. Costs health to use. 

Stim gives Octane an adrenaline shot to give him a huge speed increase, 30% for 6 seconds. It comes at a cost of 10 health, but his passive heals that over time. The low cooldown means you can use Stim pretty often. It’s good for rushing through open areas and getting into cover as well as running out of dangerous interactions.

The speed boost is also great offensively, letting you close in on distant opponents, execute quick flanks, and rush in to sweep low health enemies. Be watchful of your health when using Stim though. It costs health with every usage, and your passive won’t offset that completely if you’re spamming speed boosts. Chip damage stops the passive as well, so watch out for things like Caustic Nox Gas Traps.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Deploy a jump pad that catapults teammates through the air. 

Launch Pad unsurprisingly lets Octane put down a launch pad. Anybody stepping on it is launched into the air. Just like Wraith’s Dimensional Rift  and Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun, enemy squads can use it just like your teammates, so watch out. Launch Pad allows for high mobility tactics, giving you unexpected flanks, quick movement from one area to another, or a hasty retreat from a tough fight. Be mindful of your speed and angle when you launch. Running onto the launch pad the wrong way might send you flat against a wall.

Tips for Playing Octane

Octane’s speed is his greatest asset. Don’t use him at range, obviously. Close the distance and wreak havoc at close range, dodging and moving around for increased advantage.

Stim is handy for getting to and getting away from opponents, so use it how you need to. Drop long range weapon options in favor of up close choices like SMGs and Shotguns. SMGs are good for taking down health and shotguns are good at taking down weakened opponents. Communicate with your team to know if you’re going in first as the distraction or running in last as cleanup crew.

Stim boosts speed, but it takes health with every use. Offset that by using cover and strafe tactics to make yourself harder to hit. Stim wears off after 6 seconds, so don’t stay in the enemy’s face for too long. Get in, get your hits, and get out. Also avoid smaller interior areas. That cuts out your speed strength, making Octane easier to hit. Swift Mend is a constant passive that regens Octane whenever he isn’t getting hit, but it’s slow. Don’t rely on it too hard and always have healing items. Once you’ve disengaged from the opponent, you can pop healing items to regen your health and get right back in the fight.

The Launch Pad is a highly versatile ultimate. You can use it to hop behind another squad for a good flank or let your squad take the high ground. They’re nice for full team retreats as well. You can even make use of them in a sustained fight. Targets are difficult to hit when they’re flying through the air.

Launch Pads also work for downed players, so injured teammates can use them too. If you’re more creative, you can combine Launch Pads with Wraith portals to send enemies outside of the ring or flying off a cliff. If you throw it right in front of a squad moving in on you, they might lose their bearings, making them easy targets. Even grenades can be launched with the pads.

Octane’s speed is your biggest advantage. Be unpredictable in your movement to take enemies unaware and surprise them. Do be adventurous, but don’t be stupid. If Stim runs out and you’re between a bunch of enemies on open ground, you’ll be deservedly taken down. Make sure you’re a team player as well.

Stim can be used to reach downed enemies before they’re out completely. You can draw fire away from slower teammates so they can get to cover or retreat. Take chances that other Legends don’t, but be aware of your surroundings and don’t let anyone get the jump on you.

Octane Skins

Here are the latest Octane Skins available in game:

Legendary Skins

Epic Skins

Rare Skins