Where you choose to land often defines the success of your entire match. It’s hard to start on the wrong foot and end up victorious. You have to weigh the risk of early fights against the quality of loot in drop zones. One reddit user came up with a small change that would make the landing process so much better.

What is a Jumpmaster?

Apex Legends Jumpmaster Squad Drop

A Jumpmaster is chosen for each squad at the start of every match. This player has control over when the squad jumps and where the team lands. Of course, the rest of your squad can choose to jump whenever they want and detach from the Jumpmaster to land wherever they like.

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It’s definitely not a bad idea to detach nearer to the ground. That way, everybody can spread out and find gear easier. Don’t detach and go off in a random direction right after deploying. Soloing helps no one.

The position of Jumpmaster is picked at random. Any player can relinquish the role and let another team member take the role. Given how important the first moments of the match are, it’s important to know where you’re going and play as a team. Anybody can ping a desired location to drop into, which can relieve the pressure of choosing, especially for newer players.

How Do We Improve This?

The other two players can already detach whenever they’d like. Reddit user tigerdroppings9 suggests that Jumpmasters be given the ability to detach squad members themselves. It would be a simple button press and would make landings much better,

Jumpmaster should have option to detach teammates once you get to a certain height to prevent landing in the same building. from r/apexlegends

Why is it Better?

One of the biggest hindrances to the beginning of a match is a squad following each other when initially gearing up. While you shouldn’t go off like a lone wolf, your squad should spread out to find more loot, not fight over the few guns and armor pieces in a building.

Currently, the Jumpmaster is forced to let squad members follow them to the ground, though the other members can detach at their leisure. Too many of those team members just follow the Jumpmaster after landing instead of going to another building to gear up.

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Letting Jumpmasters detach other players would help combat this issue, especially when playing with randoms. Respawn has been open to player feedback, so hopefully this is a change they decide to implement. It wouldn’t be harmful to anyone and would prevent a lot of early game headaches.