Apex Legends is in many ways another battle royale. It also brings a lot of unique elements to the table, which is why it’s experienced such tremendous popularity.

Like other games of the genre, there are multiple weapon types and ammunition to go with each type. One of the distinctive elements Apex added was that each of these ammunition types have a unique effect on enemies

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The developers at Respawn Entertainment never spoke out about these unique effects, but players have been noticing some of these effects during gameplay and speculating on others. For example, the perks of energy ammo was known and there were guesses that heavy ammo has a slowdown effect.

A Senior Designer at Respawn, Sean Slayback, recently responded to a fan tweet, telling us several things about ammunition in the current live game.

We can see that players were going in the right direction. All ammunition has the same slowdown effect as opposed to heavy ammo alone. Energy ammo doesn’t do extra shield damage. Energy bullets are also the fastest ammo type and aren’t slowed by drag. That’s it.

There’s been a lot of speculation on other hidden passives for each ammo type, but it doesn’t seem like there are any. Frankly, it’s nice to know energy weapons don’t destroy shields faster than other guns.

The possibility for more ammo passives to be added is there, since we see they’ve given energy ammo several unique properties. Giving each ammunition type their own effects would add another dimension of strategy to Apex. The way the devs are treating ammo also opens the possibility of projectile flight dynamics as an option for weapon balancing.

Current Ammo Types In Apex Legends

I do think adding perks to each weapon type instead of ammo types would offer more range though. Long range weapons, for example, could do bonus damage based on distance.

Pistols could have bonus damage for headshots and shotguns could trade some of their damage for a bleed effect that injures over time. Assault rifles and SMGs could give bonus damage based on consecutive hits.

Some of these ideas would require balancing around others to keep things balanced, but the idea of passive bonuses based on weapons or ammo is an exciting prospect that the devs should absolutely look into.

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The fact that there are multiple avenues for tweaking weapons and ammo gives more player confidence since Respawn can be more innovative than just playing with numbers.

As more weapons are added over the course of the Seasons, we might see new ammunition types added, which is also exciting. There’s a lot of room for innovation, so hopefully Respawn takes advantage of their creative potential.