Assault Rifles are a common sight in Apex Legends. With a comfortable balance of power, accuracy, and range, it’s no surprise. Their versatility makes assault rifles a smart choice for any fighter, whether they’re best at short, medium, or long ranges.

Here is a guide to everything you need to know about Assault Rifles. Make sure to check out our complete Apex Legends weapons guide for everything on weapons in Apex Legends.

General Tips

The assault rifle is among the game’s most popular class for good reason. Assault rifles have high versatility and adequate power for every class. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • You can fire longer in closer combat. The shorter range helps mitigate the loss in accuracy. Aim for the body and correct the crosshair as necessary. Aiming high in the chest can help get more headshots.
  • At medium range, you’re best at semi-auto or firing short bursts to minimize accuracy loss. Aim for the head.
  • Similarly, use semi-auto while at long range. Aim for the head if you can, but body shots are better than missed shots. Especially with Legends with smaller hitboxes, you’re sometimes better off getting body shots than trying for critical headshots.
  • Aim for the head with your first shot. The first bullet always hits where the crosshair is aiming. Every shot after is affected by recoil and distance.
  • When firing at medium to long distance targets, aim where your target is moving, not where they are. Leading shots into their path of movement will give you more hits.
  • Semi-auto and full-auto are better than burst mode. The cost in accuracy isn’t worth it.

Weapon Stats

Here are base stats for each weapon. Weapon performance and damage can be modified with attachments.


Here are short summaries of each assault rifle. Each also has a more in-depth article for more specific details and weapon strategies.

WeaponDescriptionAmmoMag. SizeDamage BodyDamage Head
Havoc RifleWind-up Energy Assault RifleEnergy321836
Hemlok Burst AR3-round Burst Assault RifleHeavy181836
R-301 CarbineFull-auto & High AccuracyLight181428
VK-47 FlatlineFull-auto With a PunchHeavy201632

Havoc Rifle

Havoc Assault Rifle Image

The Havoc Rifle is the first weapon added to Apex Legends after launch and uses the rarer energy ammunition. It has two fire modes, full-auto and Hitscan. Both hop-up attachments effect the Havoc’s damage per shot. The Turbocharger eliminates charge-up before shooting, increasing the Havoc’s fire rate in Hitscan mode. The other, Selectfire Receiver, lets you use Hitscan beam fire mode.

Havoc Rifle Assault Rifle Energy Ammo Weapon
Havoc Rifle

The Havoc is a powerful weapon with a high maintenance cost. It requires expensive, hard to find Energy ammo, meaning every shot has to count. However, it has the highest damage for any assault rifle and has high versatility with its hop-ups. It’s a great choice if you can keep up with the ammo cost and get ahold of those hop-ups.

Available attachments: Holo, Hcog, and Variable Holo/Aog Optics, Selectfire Receiver and Turbocharger Hop-Ups, and Standard Stock.

Hemlok Burst AR

Hemlock Assault Rifle Image

The Hemlok Burst AR uses Heavy ammo and has two modes: 3-shot burst and single fire. Burst mode fires 3 rounds in quick succession, followed by a brief cooldown. The 3-shot burst is the better mode of the two.

Hemlok Burst AR Assault Rifle Heavy Ammo Weapon
Hemlok Burst AR

The Hemlok boasts high accuracy and high burst damage, along with a good fire rate in burst mode. It’s a nice weapon at medium and long range. However, it has poorer performance at close range. It also has low magazine size and slow fire rate in single fire mode. It’s a situational weapon often better swapped for another assault rifle. If you do pick the Hemlok, have a second weapon for close quarters fights.

Available attachments: Holo, Hcog, and Variable Holo/Aog Optics, Barrel Stabilizer, Extended Heavy Mag, and Standard Stock.

R-301 Carbine

R301 Assault Rifle Image

The R-301 Carbine is the only assault rifle to use Light rounds. While it has the lowest damage of any weapon in the class, it has high accuracy to help make up for it. This gives it good performance at close and medium range as well as great performance at longer range.

R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle Light Ammo Weapon
R-301 Carbine

The Carbine also has low damage and and a low magazine size. This is somewhat mitigated by the high accuracy and high fire rate. The accuracy will help less precise players hit more shots, but anyone with good weapon accuracy could definitely get more out of the other assault rifles.

Available attachments: Holo, Hcog, and Variable Holo/Aog Optics, Barrel Stabilizer, Extended Light Mag, and Standard Stock.

VK-47 Flatline

Flatline Assault Rifle Image

The VK-47 Flatline uses Heavy rounds and is carried over from Titanfall 2. It serves as the middle ground of the assault rifle class, offering respectable damage, fire rate, and accuracy. The accuracy can be improved even more with optics and stock attachments.

VK-47 Flatline Assault Rifle Heavy Ammo Weapon
VK-47 Flatline

The manageable recoil lets you take advantage of the Flatline’s high damage. The weapon is best at close and medium range. Its accuracy falls off noticeably at longer range and recoil control can become an issue.

Available attachments: Holo, Hcog, and Variable Holo/Aog Optics, Extended Heavy Mag, and Standard Stock.

Which Gun in Best?

The best weapon in the assault rifle class is somewhat subjective. It can depend on your playstyle and just what you’re most comfortable with. However, the consensus is definitely the VK-47 Flatline.

It has the second highest magazine size while using the common Heavy ammo. Its damage is right between the Hemlok and R-301, but it boasts decent accuracy, recoil, and rate of fire. It also has both semi-auto and full-auto. The Havoc is more powerful, but it’s harder to find, along with less available Energy ammo and rarer attachments.

The Flatline is much more manageable over the course of a match. Its magazine size and accuracy can be enhanced even more with attachments. The VK-47 Flatline embodies the versatility aspect of the assault rifle class and is the best bet to run with in your matches.