Unlike most FPS games, where guns are just categorized by weapon type, such as pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, etc. guns in Apex Legends are also categorized by which ammo they use.

Apex Legends Ammo Types Guide - Featured Image
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There are five types of ammo in Apex Legends: Light Ammo, Heavy Ammo, Energy Ammo, and Special Ammo. Each ammo type has a number of weapons that use said ammo type and it’s important to understand the differences between ammo types, what weapons use what ammo, and how much ammo you can carry. Not only for yourself, but for callouts for your teammates. You wouldn’t want to waste inventory space on ammo that neither you nor any of your teammates need.

So strap in, and let’s break down the four ammo types of Apex Legends, shall we?

Light Ammo

Apex Legends Light Rounds

Just like weapons in Apex Legends are categorized by what ammo they use, each ammo type can be identified by the color of the ammunition boxes you find. And if that’s not enough, each ammo also has its own identifying insignia as well. Light Ammo’s color, is brown.

Apex Legends Light Rounds Image Close Up

Up to 80 rounds of light ammo can be stored in an inventory slot. At the moment, there are 6 weapons which use light ammo:

  • R-301 Carbine
  • Alternator SMG
  • R-99
  • G7 Scout
  • P2020
  • Re 45 Auto

Weapons that utilize light ammo, tend to have better rates of fire, and less recoil than weapons that use heavy ammo or shotgun ammo. To balance this out, they deal slightly less damage.

Heavy Ammo

Apex Legends Heavy Rounds Ammo

The second ammo type in Apex Legends is Heavy Ammo. Heavy Ammo’s color, is green.

Like light ammo, there are 6 weapons that use heavy ammo:

  • VK-47 Flatline
  • Hemlok Burst AR
  • Prowler Burst PDW
  • M600 Spitfire
  • Longbow DMR
  • Wingman

As you may have guessed from the name, Heavy ammo packs a punch. Heavy ammo weapons can dish out the most punishment in the game, and like light ammo, can be carried in stacks of 80 in an inventory slot.

Apex Legends Heavy Rounds Close Up Image

Heavy ammo also possesses a unique quality in that heavy ammo using weapons can open doors by shooting the door handles. No other ammo type is capable of doing this, so it’s pretty cool.

Heavy Ammo also possesses a slowing effect, which is one of the primary reasons a Spitfire is such a deadly weapon. When under the effects of slow, players are unable to sprint or slide for a short period of time, making it harder for them to get away and easier for attackers to finish them off.

Energy Ammo

Apex Legends Energy Ammo

The third energy type is Energy Ammo, which is identified by its’ yellow ammunition boxes.

At the moment there are only three weapons which use energy ammo:

  • Havoc Rifle
  • Devotion
  • Triple Take

Energy ammo weapons aren’t in the best of places at the moment, and have a few things going against them. For starters, energy ammo has the lowest carrying capacity of any standard ammo in the game with 60 ammo per inventory slot. On top of that, energy ammo is pretty rare and both the Havoc Rifle and Devotion can eat through ammo pretty quickly.

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Image Close Up

A balance update in early March increased the spawn rates of both energy weapons and energy ammo, but I would still say that due to the scarcity of ammo, that energy weapons are not the most newbie friendly weapons in King’s Canyon.

Things aren’t all bad, however. In response to a tweet sent by a fan, Apex Legends weapon designer Sean Slayback confirmed that unlike other ammo types, energy ammo isn’t slowed by drag and has the fastest flight velocity for every weapon class. Better than nothing right?

Shotgun Ammo

Apex Legends Shotgun Ammo

The fourth and final standard ammo class is shotgun ammo which comes in the form of red ammunition boxes.

The three shotguns that use standard shotgun ammo are:

  • EVA-8 Auto
  • Peacekeeper
  • Mozambique Shotgun

Technically speaking, there are shotguns in the game, however, one of those is a legendary weapon. More on that in the next section.

Apex Legends Shotgun Ammo Image Close Up

Shotguns in Apex Legends do exactly what they do in every other FPS game: serious damage to someone’s face in close range. 64 shotgun shells can be held in a single inventory slot.

Special Ammo

Apex Legends Special Ammo

At the moment, there are only two legendary weapons in Apex Legends:

  • The Mastiff Shotgun
  • Kraber .50 cal Sniper Rifle.

These can only be obtained from air drops, and use their very own ammo type. The Mozambique uses special shotgun shells, and the Kraber uses special heavy ammo.

The ammo supply of both legendary weapons is finite. So once the ammo is gone, it’s gone for good. The Kraber comes with 8 rounds, and the Mastiff comes with 20 shells. Use them wisely!