Apex Legends skyrocketed to the top of the battle royale after its launch, earning 50 million players in its first month. Clearly the developers at Respawn Entertainment knew what they were doing.

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Like with anything else that gets popular, it didn’t take long for bad actors to show up and begin to implement hacks and cheats into the game. While a little slow at the start, the developers have been banning people regularly, with over 500,000 people confirmed to be banned by the time of the last patch.

What Has Respawn Done Now?

In the last few weeks, many players were noticing an uptick in cheaters across their matches. It was becoming too common a sight. Respawn sent out the 1.1 patch in early April, which included a number of bug fixes and updates.

It also included a number of fixes aimed at cheaters. It already appears to have been effective, as plenty of cheaters have been posting on forums lamenting their bans. Cheating and hacking are obviously against the game’s TOS, so it’s hard to have much sympathy.

What are Cheaters Saying?

Nothing positive, unsurprisingly. They’ve been complaining in plenty of places, including a cheating forum where the Chams program was used by many hackers. It looks like Chams has been crippled with the patch.

Apex Legends Cheaters Complaining On Forum

Reddit user terere grabbed a few posts of that forum. More than just having cheater accounts banned, it seems they also can’t play on new accounts either, a further step than the developers have taken before. The game now detects the software of cheating programs. If your account is caught running it, you’re axed.

That’s not all though. Another forum cheater mourned that the Cham program was $27 well spent.

Apex Legends Cheaters Using Chams

Seems that he lost another $40 from his account he’d bought skins on being banned. Good. $67 is a pretty cheap lesson.

Reporting Cheaters

It used to be a lengthy process to report cheaters. You had to go to an outside website that few people would bother with. You can now report people for cheating specifically on PC.

It’s a good step to help curtail cheaters and keep King’s Canyon fair for firefights and gunfire. The number of banned players as of the 1.1 update isn’t known, but hopefully that number keeps growing. Nobody wants cheaters around.